Listings in EaDo (East Downtown) and Warehouse District (Downtown)

Tout Suite

in Caffeinate in Houston

Master macaron bakers Sandy Tran and Anne Le decided to open an "internet cafe - bakery - coffee shop" which is actually a fabulous restaurant in an emerging hip neighborhood, East Downtown or "EaDo." Come for coffee, stay for the food and ambiance.

2001 Commerce Street
EaDo (East Downtown), Houston 77002

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Justin Yu

in Creative chefs of Houston

Oxheart is considered one of the nation's best Southern restaurants, owned by chef Justin Yu and baker Karen Man. It's a small venue in an industrial neighborhood offering a limited menu of locally-sourced, complete original cuisine.

1302 Nance Street
Warehouse District (Downtown), Houston 77002

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Texas Art Asylum

in Grow creatively in Houston

Recycling for arts & crafts. Targeting artists and arts teachers, Art Asylum assembles materials, antiques and junk that can be repurposed in making art and in practicing crafts. Waste management through creative reuse. See schedule to make donations

1719 Live Oak
EaDo (East Downtown), Houston 77003

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