Buffalo Bayou Big Bubble


Dean Ruck designed this art happening which can be accessed beneath the Preston Street Bridge. There's a big red button, unlabeled. If you push the button, an air compressor emits a big air bubble into the water of Buffalo Bayou. Installed in 1998. These images are excerpted from Douglas Robertson's video about Dean Ruck and the Big Bubble, https://vimeo.com/42057254 See more of Dean Ruck's art work at http://DeanRuck.com. For more information about the short film of the Big Bubble by Douglas Robertson, see http://CitizenDoug.com. These images are an excerpt from HoustonPBS' Art Is All Around Us: Downtown. Douglas Robertson was awarded a Lonestar Emmy for the Craft of Audio for his work as location recordist, and sound designer. Brad Sayles was nominated for a Lonestar Emmy for his original score. Editing and Videography were ably provided by Fujio Watanabe

Additional Information

Details - Pressing button emits large bubble of air into Buffalo Bayou near Preston Street bridge, downtown - Commissioned from artist Dean Ruck by Central Houston Civic Improvement - Installed in 1998 with an air compressor, pipes and electronic button - The large red button beneath the Preston Street bridge is NOT labeled. - "It's just a red button. Do I push it or don't I?" --Dean Ruck


510 Preston St
Downtown, Houston 77002

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