Houston Business Journal: Meet Jacob Sudhoff, Houston's condo ambassador, 2017-Aug-11 by Paul Takahashi

The Houston Business Journal sat down with Sudhoff to find out how he became the ambassador for Houston condos.

What about Houston attracted you specifically?

This city gives everyone an opportunity. You just have to prove yourself. I came here practically with nothing. I was in town for less than a week, but I found myself in Dan Duncan’s living room. I was introduced to some of the wealthiest and powerful families in Houston, like the Cullen family. Everyone was so accommodating. The people here are what makes this city different. In my seven years here, I was only asked once who my dad was. It’s an open-door policy. I believe that this is a city of opportunity and you just have to ask.

How did you break into Houston real estate?

Rohe & Wright Builders was under construction on some patio homes near Rice University when the bank called the note in 2010. I wanted the listings. They told me, “You get me an investor and I can give you the listings.” So, I took the deal to my business partner, George Lee, who bought the note from the bank and partnered with Rohe & Wright to finish the project. For brokering that, I got the listing. That was my payment.

Giorgetti Houston is the inaugural collaboration of Giorgetti, Stolz Partners, Mirador Group and Sudhoff Companies.

Giorgetti by Sudhoff