Every so often an accomplished artist moves back from New York City to Houston. Now it's Dana Frankfort. 

Houston Chronicle: Painter's painter Dana Frankfort puts on first show in seven years at Inman Gallery, 2018-Feb-16 by Molly Glentzer 

Q: Why, other than job and family, is Houston the right place for you now?
A: I felt like I could thrive here. I lived in New York for 11 years, then moved to Boston because I was teaching at Boston University. I was ready to get back to Texas. I had stayed in touch with all of my painter friends here. It just feels like there's a real painting community. I'd choose Houston over New York at this point because it's a more livable city and more sustainable. I love being here. And people pass through all the time, so I can pull people into my studio - people that I trust. I like the feedback, and the dialogue and conversation.

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