The online publication Glasstire covers contemporary art across Texas, and occasionally they have stories which help local artists find inspiration on the ground. 

We especially enjoyed the photos and capsule reviews of these very unexpected spiritual institutions in a multicultural suburb of Houston named Sugar Land. 

Glasstire: Temple Tour of Sugar Land, 2018-April-9 by Neil Fauerso

Sugar Land in the last couple of decades has become an incredibly diverse hub for immigrants coming from hot crowded countries that are usually depicted in the news by video footage of a bunch of people screaming at a traffic jam while a tire burns. Sugar Land is a place where one can have their own cream-carpeted ranch home to the serene white noise of cicadas and gentle traffic. As a consequence, Sugar Land is now home to temples and mosques galore, and oftentimes these spaces are also cultural centers and contain shops and exhibitions. Unlike modern churches — which seem to be made at the same factory as dialysis centers and gun stores — temples, even if they are pre-fabricated, have their own unique allure. Often, millions of dollars will be spent by the religious and ethnic suburban communities on these important buildings.
Let’s take a tour of three of the gems of Sugar Land... article