You have probably heard of Station Houston, but if not, they are Houston’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. No surprise Creative Houston met LetsLaunch there, as both companies are pioneers in the innovation of Houston from different perspectives.

LetsLaunch brings groundbreaking innovation to the financial sector, making investments in small private businesses available to everyone. By allowing non-accredited investors to buy shares of companies, it’s finally possible for businesses to tap into their personal network of friends, family and neighbors for funding. On top of it all, LetsLaunch announced that it would be offering a discount to a select few companies to crowdfund their businesses through their platform.  

Up until that time, Creative Houston had just been an idea. Theresa had built a web site at but had never had the time or funds to make it into a real business. When she saw the opportunity offered by LetsLaunch, she began to think carefully about how much money would really be needed to build a self-sustaining enterprise.

With additional funding, how would Creative Houston compete? Two keys emerged: 1) strategic partnerships with companies who need to attract creative professionals to Houston, and 2) being a company that produces and leverages data. 

Without the push and continued support of LetsLaunch, Creative Houston would never have progressed from a wish to a venture. We heartily recommend them to other Houston entrepreneurs.