When you come to Houston, you can choose from many familiar places to stay. The most popular spots include all the usual suspects of the lodging industry--and all the comforts of home. 

But what if you want to get away from home? Here's our guide to places that are unique to Houston. When you think back on your stay with us, you'll remember how we're special. 

Option 1: The Fantasy

Looking for luxe references to history and a taste of the Cattle Baron lifestyle? We have The Houstonian, a locally owned hotel which has entertained legions of oil barons fantasizing their next deal.  

Houstonian's Great Room (Lobby Lounge)

Option 2: The Reality

Houston is a town that revolves around business, including the hotel business. Curious to look inside the hotel business's inner workings? There's no better place than the hotel at the Conrad Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. The students help operate a major Hilton conference hotel, which is pretty run-of-the-mill, BUT, BUT... don't miss the Hospitality Industry Archives: 15,000 books, photographs, restaurant menus, and interviews chronicling the history of the Hilton empire and the modern hospitality industry.

UH Hilton College Hospitality Industry Archives

Option 3: The History

Houston's oldest continuously operated hotel is The Lancaster, built in 1926 and still owned by the descendants of the original developer. Less theatrical in its decor than the Houstonian Hotel, this historic landmark is steps away from all the real theaters in downtown Houston. 

Lancaster Hotel Entrance

If you like your history on the cozy side, select Sara's Inn, a bed & breakfast in a residential neighborhood full of historic bungalows and Victorian-style homes. This charming example was built before 1900 and restored in the 1980's with plenty of conveniences. 

Sara's Inn

Option 4: The Boutiques

Built in 1924, The Sam Houston Hotel was renovated as a contemporary boutique in 2013. With all the amenities a sophisticated traveler expects, it's also pet-friendly and convenient to downtown attractions. 

The Sam Houston Hotel

A little more luxurious than The Sam, The Icon was built in 1911 and restored to a hotel in 2004.