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Creative Houston was founded to help Houston grow its creative economy and compete for the best creative talent in the world. Our web site is a news publication with a directory covering the city’s creative enterprises and resources. Our publication targets non-resident artists, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs who may visit or relocate to Houston.


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Chai One

Chai One

in Founded in Houston

Technology company that helps enterprises harness mobile technology. Heavily involved in supporting all mobile app developers and technology geeks in Houston.

1400 Smith (former Enron Building)

1400 Smith (former Enron Building)

in Built in Houston

One of Houston's most striking skyscrapers, a blue glass slab with curved corners. It is connected to its neighbors by a circular skywalk that crosses Smith Street. Former home of the infamous Enron Corporation, now occupied by Chevron.

Hugo Ortega

Hugo Ortega

in Creative chefs of Houston

3-time James Beard Awards finalist, Ortega has 3 of Houston's top restaurants: Hugo's, Backstreet and Caracol. Born in Mexico City, he worked himself up from a dishwasher in Houston, eventually recreating his family's authentic Mexican cuisine.



in Caffeinate in Houston

Hipster coffee shop with strong community vibe, plus food and drink of the highest quality. Coffee from Houston-based Greenway Coffee Company. Artisanal teas. Breakfast and lunch menu. Known for their biscuits.

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