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Creative Houston was founded to help Houston grow its creative economy and compete for the best creative talent in the world. Our web site is a news publication with a directory covering the city’s creative enterprises and resources. Our publication targets non-resident artists, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs who may visit or relocate to Houston.


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Manabu Horiuchi

Manabu Horiuchi

in Creative chefs of Houston

Japanese grill Kata Robata is the home of Manabu Horiuchi, an extraordinary chef who melds the best of Japanese cuisine into the local culture. Exquisite sushi. Friendly and adventurous, he's building relationships with other chefs--see Izakaya.

Ocean Star Museum

Ocean Star Museum

in Discover history in Houston

A retired jackup drilling rig in Galveston bay, refurbished as a museum, education center. Exhibits on the exploration and production industry's history. Scale models and actual equipment, including remotely-operated vehicles. Roam the drill floor.

Orange Show Center for Visionary Art

Orange Show Center for Visionary Art

in Tour Houston creatively

A major institution in the preservation of outsider art, the Orange Show manages not only the Orange Show Monument on Munger Street but also Houston's Beer Can House and annual Art Car Parade.

in Founded in Houston

Now owned by Home Depot, started online in 1996 and became an do-it-yourself phenomenon which has won numerous awards for great customer service and employee satisfaction. Innovates along many fronts to make window coverings easier to buy.

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